High heels – harmful to health

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High heels are high-heeled shoes. They are also called daggers because the high heels remind us of a dagger weapon, a piercing weapon with a very long and narrow blade. Although high heels do not hurt your spine like a hump for Trialix your victim. But they are still harmful to your health. Unfortunately, wearing high heels and high heels is almost mandatory socially, but in most cases it has serious health consequences.



High heels – health or red carpet?

If high heels are harmful to your health or not. The organizers of the famous film festival in Cannes, France, worry little. In May 2015, it seemed that at the film festival an informal duty was applied to women’s high heels. This means that without Trialix CANADA high heels, women are not allowed to enter the red carpet. Initially this letter was rejected, and also by the director of the festival, Thierry Fremot. But in a short time, the reports of the injured women or their men had accumulated, so the festival administration had to make an apology.


This example shows well that high-heeled shoes in some areas of women’s lives are not compulsory garments not formally written. Whoever wants to belong, can not refuse without further ado, whether the heels hurt at this time or not.









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