Less and less small than the avocado producers.

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Less and less small than the avocado producers.
Then they criticized me because there were fewer and fewer avocado farms, but great, while many small businesses came. This is not the only problem associated with the cultivation of avocados, but it is a problem that can be found everywhere. So there are fewer milk producers, fewer Tanta-Emma stores, fewer small craft stores, fewer small bookstores, fewer smaller stores, fewer small stores, etc.

Does avocado consume a lot of water?
In any case, the high water consumption of avocados is very dangerous, especially if it is grown in arid regions. While an average of one kilogram of tomatoes is approximately 180 liters of water, a kilogram of lettuce, about 130 liters, consumes one kilogram of avocado 1000 liters. Since avocados are supposed to weigh 400 grams, we conclude: 1,000 liters of water for two and a half years of avocados.

However, the cover image of the weather article shows the hatred of the avocado. This rarely weighs more than 200 grams. There are twice as many avocados per 1000 liters of water. This is still a particularly high crop, so the kilograms Keto blast are just kilograms, but the smaller the number, the more exciting the story will be, and that is exactly what you want to achieve.

Milk and apple juice require the same amount of water, meat 15 times the amount of water
If you now look at the water needs of other foods, it is evident that avocados alone, because of their water consumption, are not a major environmental disaster of milk and apple juice. By the way, the meat consumes between four and fifteen times of water per kilogram, cheese five times and eggs more than three times, so, please, judge for yourself any food that causes the collapse of our land. Certainly not the avocado.

15,450 liters of water per kilogram of beef.
21000 liters per kilogram of roasted coffee (per cup 7 7 g of 140 liters)
5000 liters per kilogram of cheese
4,800 liters per kilogram of pork.
3900 liters per kg of poultry meat
3,400 liters per kilogram of rice
3,300 liters per kg of eggs.
2,800 liters per kilogram of millet
2,400 L for McDo burger …
1470 liters per kg of asparagus.
1,300 liters per kilogram of wheat.
1000 liters per liter of milk
950 liters per liter of apple juice
900 liters per kilogram of corn
860 liters per kilogram of bananas
700 liters per kilogram of apples
A cup of coffee consumes a quantity of water as a human in a full day
The website www.virtuelles-wasser.de indicates that 140 liters of coffee already exceed the average daily consumption of drinking water by 125 liters per person. Coffee in our climate is at least as unnecessary as avocados, if not more, because it is not food, but rather alarming and comes from the tropics, so transport is slow, so from the point of view of avocado critics, everything is not justified by the environment (see the next section)).

If everyone ate 40 kilograms of avocados a year instead of 40 kilograms of pork, that would theoretically equal to save up to 150,000 liters per person per year.

But nutritionally, it is illogical to compare the water consumption per kilogram. Because after two avocados (400 grams) you almost feel full. After two large tomatoes or lettuce instead of no. Maybe I should compare the water consumption per kilocalorie. But things look very different. So tomatoes need 50 percent more water than avocados.

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