Natural squat position

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The usual baths in the seats are very comfortable to defecate, but they are not healthy. Because sitting in our usual bathrooms is not natural or healthy. Both hemorrhoids, constipation, incontinence, colon cancer or myocardial infarction: List of possible long monkeys. On the other hand, the so-called squat position,Tevida  that is, the position we use when we are in the forest and in the field, is provided by nature. Crouching can help us avoid many diseases. But why lean more healthy? Why does it allow reasonable discharge of the intestines? Do you really need a squat toilet to facilitate the squatting position?


The correct position in the bathroom.

Have you ever wondered if the way you sit in the bathroom is healthy or unhealthy? Either right or wrong? Probably not, because sitting on the toilet is Tevida CANADA normal for most people who sit in the chair.


In this process, man adopted a natural squat position from the beginning of history until the mid-nineteenth century. Although there had previously been so-called personal chairs, since the word “excrement is due”, they were reserved exclusively for the nobles.


The first water tank (WC) was built by Sir John Harrington in England in 1596, but was only recognized slightly and considered a joke.










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