Subjects of obesity often disturbed

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Subjects of obesity often disturbed small intestine (dysbacteriosis) with a large number of bacteria, LPS (lipopolysaccharide in) confirmed includes nothing with very high carbohydrate Ian Spreadbury back unit of infectious intestinal diseases in food “Western” typical research (for example, sweets and white flour products).

LPS is called internal toxins, which are linked to the inflammation associated with diet, obesity and gastrointestinal syndrome.

In addition, overweight people usually suffer from low bacterial bacteriostasis and lactobacillus strains in their intestines.

Studies on animals in this regard that lactic acid bacteria (Lactobacillus), as well as bifidobacteria in the form of probiotic supplements contribute to a healthy body weight and can support weight loss.

Dysbacteria: weight gain begins in the uterus.
The proper intestinal flora is especially important in pregnancy, since obesity can begin in the uterus. Researchers at Harvard University believe that Keto Viante the tendency to gain weight is genetic because some bacteria pass from the mother to the fetus during childbirth and lactation.

For children born by caesarean section, there is an increased risk of obesity later, since they are not exposed to beneficial bacteria in the vaginal wall. However, the bacterial composition in the intestines of the child, especially in the first years of life, is critical for potential obesity in subsequent years.

Although proven nutrition has a clear effect on the intestinal flora, it can only draw in the opposite direction. Because the intestinal flora in return can favor the wrong diet and thus gain weight.

In the case of fungal infections, Candida is especially an excess of sugar cravings because the yeast is mainly based on simple carbohydrates.

A healthy diet is consistent in particular from industrial sugar and precise extraction, not only prevents altered bacterial plants. Restoring healthy intestinal plants is also an inevitable step to losing weight successfully.

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