What are the signs of inflammatory breast cancer?

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What is inflammatory breast cancer?
Inflammatory breast cancer (IBC) is a rare and serious form of breast cancer that occurs when malignant cells interfere with the lymphatic vessels in breast cancer skin. IBC differs from other forms of breast cancer because it usually does not cause blockage or blockage.

This cancer accounts for only 1 to 5 percent of all cases of breast cancer. It has a five-year survival rate of only 40 percent. It is important to keto fit premium know the signs of inflammatory breast cancer and talk to your doctor right away if you notice changes in your breast.

Symptoms of inflammatory breast cancer
Because CMI is a form of cancer, the disease can develop rapidly over days, weeks or months. Because of this, receiving an early diagnosis is very important.

Although it usually does not have a mass other than other breast cancers, you may have many of the following symptoms.

Mammary coloration
An early sign of inflammatory breast cancer is the change in color of the breast. A small section may appear red, pink or purple.

The color may look like a bruise, so you can ignore it as something serious. Redness of the breasts is a classic symptom of inflammatory breast cancer. Do not ignore the unexplained bruises on your chest.

Chest pain
Due to the inflammatory nature of this cancer, your breast may look different. For example, inflammation can make the breasts feel warm by touching them. You may also have pain and pain in your breasts.

Lying on your stomach can be uncomfortable. Depending on the severity of the tenderness, using the bra can be painful. In addition to pain and sensitivity, IBC can cause permanent itching in the chest, especially around the nipple.

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