Why hair loss can occur during or after pregnancy and what you can do

General description
You may have heard that the hair becomes thick and thick during pregnancy. This may be true for some women, thanks to the high levels of estrogen, which slows down hair loss.

However, other mothers suffer hair loss or hair loss during pregnancy or in the months immediately after birth.

While it is true, hair loss is normal and can occur due to factors such as hormones, stress in the body or medical conditions that accompany pregnancy.

What causes hair loss during pregnancy?
Men and women lose an average of approximately 50 BIO X Keto to 100 hairs every day. During pregnancy, high levels of estrogen reduce the speed of the natural cycle of hair removal. As a result, some women may lose less hair during pregnancy. But this is not always the case.

Hormone transformation
Some women may experience thinning hair and hair loss due to stress or trauma. This condition is called “radiation intoxication” and affects a small number of women during pregnancy.

The first trimester of the body can press on the body, where the hormonal balance will change drastically to support the growth of the child. Stress can put more hair on the head, 30% or more, in the process of direction or “rest” in the hair’s life cycle. Then, instead of losing 100 hairs a day, you can lose 300 hairs per day.

Hair loss may not occur due to hormonal changes immediately. Instead, it can take two to four months for you to notice a patch. This condition usually does not last more than six months and does not result in permanent hair loss.

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